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Essential Power User Tools

Ultimate Web Editor

FREE – Ultimate Web Editor

Forget FrontPage. This free, fully-featured Web editor includes everything you need to build a great site. Plus it bundles with a mass of awesome templates too!
The New Office

FREE – The New Office

Can’t afford Microsoft Office? Then use this alternative, absolutely FREE of charge. It even works with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Make sure you download this!
Total FTP

FREE – Total FTP

Transferring files across the Internet? Then you need an FTP program. Ignore costly tools such as CuteFTP. Discover this amazing application, and don’t pay a dime!

FREE – Multi-Messaging

What do you get when you combine Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, and ICQ? A complete unified messaging package. Use this one program for chatting with ALL your friends!
Essential PC Utilities

FREE – Essential PC Utilities

Have you installed a firewall, virus protection, and a spyware removal tool on your computer? If not, you’ll soon have problems. Install all three in seconds – with this freebie.
Paint Shop +

FREE – Paint Shop +

Looking for the ultimate graphics application? Touch up your photos, create great Web graphics, and ditch Microsoft Paint for good – with this fantastic free download.


Fun Tools for Power Users

Ultimate Windows Toys

FREE – Ultimate Windows Toys

Download these essential toys, and make Windows do the things you want it to do! Includes tools for tweaking how Windows looks, a great magnification tool, and a Vista-like Alt+Tab replacement.

Icon Themeizer!

FREE – Icon Themeizer!

Bored with the way Windows looks? Give your default icons with a hip new look, with this excellent graphical application. Includes a fantastic selection of ready-to-run icon themes!

FREE – V-Desktop

Organize your desktop windows without expensive software! Run multiple Windows desktops at the same time, with this easy-to-use, highly graphical virtual desktop manager.

Power Privacy & Security Tools

The Ultimate Privacy Suite

FREE – The Ultimate Privacy Suite

Discover the world’s most powerful security suite! Includes full advertising and spyware protection, spam and worm control tools, application history removal, encryption tools & more!
Remote Control PC

FREE – Remote Control PC

Need to access your home PC from work? Or check your webcam while you’re on holiday? Then you need to remote control your PC – with this awesome new tool. Just install it, and access it!
No More Spam!

FREE – No More Spam!

Put an end to your spam problems once and for all! This exciting tool will configure your existing e-mail client with a single click - and automagically remove all spam in future. Easy!
Virtual Secret Disk

FREE – Virtual Secret Disk

This is one smart application! It creates a virtual “disk” for any application. Any changes the application attempts to save will be automatically discarded. Use it with IE to remove surfing traces!
Ad Blocker Plus!

FREE – Ad Blocker Plus!

Stop popups ads and banners from appearing, in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Take your stand against online advertisers monitoring your activities – install this today!

True Uninstall

FREE – True Uninstall

Ever installed a program, then suddenly wished you hadn’t? Some programs screw up your settings. With this program, you can guarantee the application is completely and safely removed.

Eula Spy


When you click “I Agree,” do you REALLY know what you’re agreeing to? Well, this program will tell you! Just copy-and-paste the agreement and you’ll be warned of anything suspicious!

Fraud Stopper

FREE – Fraud Stopper

Prevent yourself falling victim to fraud and identity theft, with this awesome little tool. Install this toolbar, and get instant reports about how safe a site is – and whether you should beware!


Software You Never Knew About!

Voicemail +

FREE – Voicemail +

Add a personal touch to your e-mail! Send your own voicemail messages via e-mail. Just hit record, say a few words, then click the “Send” button. It’s EASY to use – and completely FREE too!
Weather Spy

FREE – Weather Spy

No need to look outside your window to find out the weather! This awesome program will automatically display the latest system tray updates, and prompts you with warnings and change reports.
Gmail Hard Drive

FREE – Gmail Hard Drive

Turn your Gmail account into a virtual hard drive! Use the near-3GB that Google give you to store your files, all integrated with Windows Explorer thanks to this nifty little tool.
Power Post-It!

FREE – Power Post-It!

Forget yellow sticky messages cluttering your monitor! Try this virtual version of Post-It notes, and keep track of the things you have to do – by cluttering your desktop instead. A great utility!
Download Manager Plus

FREE – Download Manager Plus

Download large files from the Internet? Use this great download manager to ensure you never lose a byte! Features scheduled downloads, multilingual support, and features for dial-up users.

FREE – BestTorrent

Discover the world’s smallest torrent application! Download thousands of TV shows, MP3 files and games – straight from the world’s largest P2P network. A great little program!


Power Games!


FREE – Sauerbraten

Blast away! This Quake-like shoot-‘em-up will really get your adrenaline pumping. The manual is clear: “Official game storyline: You kill stuff. The End.” Fantastic graphics!

FREE – FreeDoom

Doom was perhaps one of the most addictive games of all time. Now here’s the FREE version! It’s pretty lightweight and the graphics aren’t as super as the hottest games. But still great fun!


FREE – Purge

Use your gaming skills to unlock new talents and weapons, in this fantastic science fiction game. Amazing graphics and addictive gameplay. Based on the Fantasy vs Future Quake mod.

Alien Arena

FREE – Alien Arena

Deathmatch shoot-‘em-up galore! You’re an alien. And your task is to kill other aliens, in gruesome, bloody team deathmatches. Really fantastic graphics, very much like Quake III.
America’s Army

FREE – America’s Army

Originally released by the US Government as part of their public relations strategy, this tactical multiplayer game features great graphics and excellent teamplay features. Download it!


FREE – Tremulous

Who do you want to be? Human mercenary or vicious alien? Take your side – then go wild and destroy your new enemy’s base. Tremulous sports great graphics, fantastic characters, and excellent multi-player mode!


Remember, these aren’t poorly-produced DOS programs you’ll find floating around in freeware libraries from the 90’s. They're the VERY LATEST -- and they work in XP, Vista, 7. I’ve been involved in the production of many of these products myself – so I can vouch for their quality.

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